"In coming years, we will face many decisions with respect to construction of new facilities, and renovation and repurposing of existing structures. It is critical that we have a well-thought out master plan to guide us."
-- President McRobbie

The University has undertaken projects to develop master plans for the two major campuses of Indiana University ‐ the campus at Bloomington and the campus at Indianapolis (IUPUI). The Master Plans are intended to guide the university in creating a framework for strategic development and decision making grounded in academic and research needs (common and unique), the realities of campus environments, fiscal constraints and broad campus constituencies.

The completed Master Plans should address the unique characteristics of each campus, but also seek to provide conceptual integration at the planning level wherever possible in such areas as sustainability and economic development. The plans should capitalize on the unique character, structure, sense of place, culture and physical form of each campus. They should provide proactive approaches for managing anticipated growth in order to enable the best quality of development and a physical environment defined by serious sustainability principles. The plan should address not only the development of new buildings and facilities, but also the renovation, remodeling and repurposing of existing buildings.

          Master Planning Firm ‐ SmithGroup/JJR
          Project Schedule ‐ Start Date ‐ Feb. 1, 2008, Completion Date ‐ April 1, 2009
          Project Milestones ‐ Approval by Board of Trustees ‐ February 19, 2009